Empowering our community

Guest column: We are in a civil war of values (24) City of Bend to implement transportation utility fee (12) Bend homeless shelter, sitting empty for months, gets funding (11) Guest Column: Troubling assertions by Deschutes County Rebublican chair (10) Central Oregon politicians join St. Charles nurses union picketing over staffing (10) Letters to the editor: Cloud seeding is not the answer; The price of medicine; Don’t blame Biden for bank failures ( Guest Column: Christian nationalism is not good for the country ( Editorial: Growth in property tax revenue isn’t enough to keep response times down ( Editorial: Park board chose protecting revenue over backing housing ( Editorial: Mask requirements are gone, but they may come back ( Letters to the editor: Cynthia Claridge for library board; Children are dying by firearms; Elizabeth Justema for Bend-La Pine Schools ( Editorial: Bill would switch Oregon to ranked-choice voting ( Water could soon flow at Thornburgh Resort ( Homelessness in Central Oregon rises to highest number on record ( Oregon senators announce $1.6 million for Bend airport control tower ( Guest commentary: Republican Party seeks unity by promoting discord ( Woman kills 6 in Nashville school shooting ( Editorial: Oregon needs to step up and invest in literacy ( Editorial: The great drive-thru debate in Bend ( Column: Road to leadership still challenging for women ( Donald Trump’s lawyer says the former president has been indicted ( Natural gas industry to battle Eugene’s ban on new gas hookups ( Wolverine spotted near Santiam Pass; ODFW confirms tracks ( Guest Column: A transportation utility fee could be unfair ( From curb to recycle center, what happens to the items in your recycle bin?

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